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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Eragon discovers a polished blue stone which turns out to be a dragon, and finds himself fighting against the empire. As a young man, both he and his dragon, Saphira, have much to learn. Brom the Storyteller (who is much more than he appears) from the village comes with them and instructs Eragon as they travel, seeking revenge for the death of Eragon's father. There are of course various other creatures, including elves & dwarves and an evil race called the Urgals. This is an enjoyable story, although not much about it is either surprising or unusual.

Protagonists generally undergo so changes, but in this story the changes are extreme. A young boy who becomes a young man; who helped with farm chores and learns fight with a sword; who didn't believe in magic and who quickly becomes magically powerful; who felt fairly alone in the world to having a deep solid relationship with a dragon; who felt unimportant to someone every power in the empire wants to influence and control. It's a good thing that changes this large and fast don't happen to most of us -- we often don't have a 'Brom' to prepare us for what is to come, or a 'Saphira' to help us stay sane and honest. Change happens, but often so slowly that we can barely perceive it until we look back on who we were in comparison with who we have become.

Author: Christopher Paolini
Date published:2002
Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy
Series: Inheritance
Number of pages: 497
Notes: Repeat reading


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