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Thursday, August 02, 2007

As usual, McKillip crafts her tale with a variety of characters. The Kingdom has a magic school where anyone with strong power is taught. All other magic is illegal, so that the king can have all the power. But what about magic that is not controllable and does not fit into the mold? Then, there are some wonderful questions and intriguing dilemmas.

Brendan Vetch is called by Od to be a gardener at the school .. Od, whose magic includes knowing and caring for animal .. and begins to discover that he has much more power than he thought. Yar, a magician who has been teaching at the school for a long time begins to question the assumptions about 'acceptable magic' that have become foundational. Sulys, the princess, struggles with the expectations of her father and betrothed and what place she and her talents are to have in their relationships. Valoren, the King's head magician & advisor, comes into contact with magic that does not make any sense and is reminded about the beauty of not knowing everything. Tyramin and his daughter Mistral come to town with an illusion show, but the King wonders whether it is illusion or magic, and their freedom to stay in the city is questioned. There are more characters, but all these stories interweave to form a book that will be read again... soon!

Title:Od Magic
Author: Patricia McKillip
Date published:2006
Genre: Fantasy
Number of pages: 315
Notes: Gift from Lark


Lark said...

Glad you enjoyed it!

Seems like it might be about time for me to read (or re-read) another McKillip book soon.

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