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Monday, February 19, 2007

cover of Ultimate X-Men: Blockbuster

Wolverine leaves the X-Men and goes out on his own, and ends up getting hunted down by some rogue operation with pretty sophisticated weaponry. Wolverine ends up going to Peter Parker's house to recover from his first shellacking by this group, and then Spiderman tags along with him for a while. Then they run into Daredevil, who is incensed that Wolverine would bring this violence into his neighborhood where the gunshots could hit anyone. It was fun, if a little odd, to see those characters in an X-Men book, and I enjoyed Spidey's wisecracks (even if Wolverine didn't).

This didn't seem like a particularly eventful episode. That seems silly to say in one sense, because there is lots of action and blowing things up. But it doesn't feel like the larger story moves forward so much, or you learn too much more about Wolverine. The villains turned out to be former Weapon-X soldiers who were taught to hate mutants (and Wolverine in particular) who are being used by some shadowy leader who may or may not be trying to overthrow the government. There is one woman in particular who seems an interesting character-- hates Wolverine and comes after him with a vengeance. But they don't go into it much more than that.

Some fabulous artwork, as usual with this series. One section in particular was the great full-spread shots of Jean Grey going into Phoenix mode to take out some of the people hunting Wolverine before they take out Xavier's school.

Title:Ultimate X-Men Vol. 7: Blockbuster
Author:Brian Michael Bendis, David Finch (illustrator)
Date published:2004
Genre:Graphic Novel
Series:Ultimate X-Men
Number of pages:144


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