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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

cover of The Brethren

Another fast paced Grisham novel. Not too much thinking required, but with a reasonable plot and some distinct characters. 3 ex-judges are in the same low-security prison in florida. And they decide to run a scam to make money while they're inside. Put out ads in homosexual magazines and find the rich men -- get to know some of their personal stuff, find out who they really are, and then threaten to expose their dirty secret. Working pretty well, except one man who answered the ad is in line to become the next president. And his secret can't come out, so extreme measures must be taken.

Teddy is the man in charge of the CIA. He's brilliant and in pain and in a wheelchair, but he knows more than any man should have to know and makes decisions that are truly life and death. He (and the CIA and who knows who else) decide that Russia is a big enough threat that the military needs to get beefed up. So they decide to throw a presidential election. It would mean lots more money and business for certain companies, so they willingly throw in their money and votes. Favors are called in and huge ad campaigns are run. The idea of being able to throw an election is very interesting to me. That money can buy more than we think it can. Don't usually care that much about politics, but this concept raised my eyebrows and I wonder who else has thought this and who has actually done it.

The whole idea behind the prison scam is that some secrets are worth paying big money to hide. That image is valuable enough to warrant bribery. Which has happened for years and generations and probably in most if not every culture. I want to be the sort of person who doesn't have anything to hide. To make wise decisions - but also to admit that I am a sinner and that I have made, make, and will continue to make mistakes and choose poorly. But no matter what God will not forsake me. To live in the freedom of knowing we are loved and saved no matter what -- that's the gospel of Christ!

Title:The Brethren
Author: John Grisham
Date published:2000
Genre: Fiction
Number of pages: 440
Notes: brought by sue


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