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Saturday, September 09, 2006

cover of Ultimate X-Men: Ultimate War

When Magneto reappears and the U.S. Government finds out that Charles Xavier had faked Magneto's death, they decide that the X-Men must be in collusion with Magneto's mutant Brotherhood-- and they go to war with both, using their own super-elite army, the Ultimates-- which includes folks like Captain America, Iron Man, and Thor. The X-Men must go into hiding, and even that eventually doesn't work.

Xavier eventually decides to meet with Magneto-- pretending to make him an offer "he can't refuse," but really to smoke out his hiding place. Of course, Magneto is plenty devious himself and does the same thing, tipping off the Ultimates to the X-Men's safehouse location. This culminates in a huge battle, and the Ultimates almost succeed in capturing several of the X-Men, but Iceman sails in and enables everyone but Xavier to get away-- which is exactly what Magneto was hoping for, since he wants Charles' powerful & well-trained X-Men on his side.

For a book with the X-Men in the title, we don't actually see all that much of them-- particularly in the beginning. It seemed like kind of a slower start to me. I enjoyed the artwork quite a bit in this one-- there is a spectacular image of Wolverine leaping from a building to take on a helicopter (and he takes out four helicopters single-handedly, of course).

Title:Ultimate X-Men: Ultimate War (Vol. 5)
Author:Mark Millar
Date published:2003
Genre:Graphic Novel
Series:Ultimate X-Men
Number of pages:112


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