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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

cover of Top 10 (Book 2)

Top 10,the police station in the science-hero and science-villain populated city of Neopolis, is actually the 10th precinct in a police force in a series of alternate Earths. This was mentioned in the previous book, but wasn't significant to the plot until this one, where it plays a huge role and is part of the mind-blowing answer to one of the bigger investigations that spans both books. I tore through this because there was so much fascinating stuff going on, but there is a lot of richness that is worth coming back to-- I'm sure when I read it again, I'll find that I missed things.

It was fun to get the answers to one of the bigger investigations that started right away in book 1-- and while I was pretty surprised & taken aback, the resolution made perfect sense. Pretty much all aspects of the writing-- plot, characters, language-- are excellent. Some highlights from this one: there are some fun visual jokes I noticed (I wouldn't be surprised if these were in the first book and I just didn't see them). One of the detectives goes to Grand Central (the main earth in the series of alternates), and the stargate team is sitting in the waiting area in the alternate-earth transportation center. Grand Central is a Roman-centric world (where the Roman empire never fell), and when Corbeau is fighting as a gladiator, I'm pretty sure that I saw agreat rendition of Asterix & Obelix in the crowd looking on.

There's a new cop character who shows up about half-way through book 2-- an AI robot named Joe Pi. I really enjoyed the stuff with this character-- he was believably written, and the human reactions and interactions were really great (and some of them were quite hilarious). Really, all the characters are so diverse and have depth-- all of them have their own stories, even if we only get hints and glimpses of those stories.

I hope there's more Top 10 being written, because I would love to read more of this stuff.

Title:Top 10 (Book 2)
Author:Alan Moore
Date published:2003
Genre:Graphic Novel
Number of pages:144
Categories: , ,


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