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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

cover of A New Kind of Christian

Been wanting to read this for a while, and so it was nice to finally read it. McLaren takes ideas and some situations and characters from his own life, fictionalizes them, and then tells a story that is basically about ideas. Modern worldview is normal for us, and we need to realize that it is not the only right view, but simply the one that is most comfortable and known. Lots of challenging ideas (many of which I have already heard in some context or other) that were connected to each other so they make more sense.

Some interesting thoughts about what postmodern Christianity might look like -- more emphasis on story, liturgy, ritual, the arts, community, mission. One idea is that the postmodern church will look like a triangle, with points & energy going in three directions -- community, spirituality, and mission. That seems like a healthy church. Exciting to think about the ways I am already seeing this and ways I am participating in some communities where these are some of the values. Change is coming. And it will be exciting to see what God's going to do to intersect this new culture. He is present and working. Change may be hard, but it is necessary and will help us as individuals and communities to relate to God on a new, different level. Well worth reading, this book is.

Title:A New Kind of Christian
Author: Brian D. McLaren
Date published:2001
Genre:Spiritual Nonfiction??
Number of pages: 164
Notes: Got to hear the author speak earlier this year!


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