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Thursday, September 22, 2005

cover of Bellwether

A woman named Sandra studies fads, and she 'happens' to meet a man named Bennett who is a chaos theorist. They 'happen' to share a mail clerk / communications assistant / chaos creator who is named Flip, who 'happens' to do crazy things and think mainly of herself and not of others at all. Makes for interesting situations and attempts at explanations.

I appreciate connie willis – her unique writing and ideas. There is so much foreshadowing that just fits into the story – very fun if you can see it. Each chapter begins with a fad, and many snippets about rivers and their inexplicable beginnings, to mirror how fads and chaos are also inexplicable. Add to this 'Management' (always treated as one powerful and dumb man) and his desire to make science happen more efficiently and more managably, which makes things much more difficult all around.Sandy and Bennett happen to end up working together with sheep, and things get funnier from there. Sheep actually help them to figure out their work, as well as get many unexpected wonderful surprises. I really like this book, and would definitely read it again.

Author: Connie Willis
Date published:1997
Genre: Science Fiction
Number of pages: 247 pages
Notes: 2nd reading


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