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Sunday, July 17, 2005

Demoness Metria (not to be confused with her soul-less worser half D. Mentia, or her younger self, Woe Betide) wants to have a child with her husband. They signal the stork often enough, but haven't gotten any deliveries yet. This is the story of the adventures to appease the powers that be, in the punny, mostly acceptable way in which Anthony specializes.

Metria ends up doing the Simurgh (large, old, powerful bird/being) a large favor. There is a trial for Roxanne roc, who's been sitting on the Simurgh's egg for about 600 years now. Metria summons all the important people to the trial, having to go to Mundania and all sorts of other places to do so. She does many important things, and ends up having to decide the trial as well for the jury so they are not (literally) a hung jury. An enjoyable read, fairly quick. some bad puns, as usual, but worthwhile.

Title:Roc and a Hard Place
Author: Piers Anthony
Date published:1996
Genre: Fantasy
Series: Xanth
Number of pages: 337 pages


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