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Sunday, January 02, 2005

This is a funny book, in both senses of the word-- it's a bit strange, and it's also rather humorous. Rupert Venable is the junior-most Magid (a secret society of wizard-types who keep the many worlds in order), and after the death of his mentor he must find a new Magid (to keep the numbers even)-- with the somewhat unhelpful assistance of his no-longer-quite corporeal former mentor. One of the most humorous points about this book is that the bulk of the action is set in a hotel during a science fiction convention, and most of the attendees are completely unfazed by the bizarre happenings taking place when the tasks Rupert is supposed to be handling start spiralling out of control.

I did not find this book quite as delightful as Dogsbody or the Chrestomanci books, but it was still entertaining. Some parts of the plot were a little predictable (like the fact that the Magid-candidate Rupert was most immediately annoyed with was the best candidate), while others were quite creative and interesting. Rupert, Nick, and Maree are all quite memorable characters, and it is fun to see all the story lines coming together at the end, and solving a long-standing mystery.

Title:Deep Secret
Author:Diana Wynne Jones
Date published:2000
Number of pages:375


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